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22.08.2023 powitaliśmy miot T

Rodzice to: Raven Lazur Eyes*PL i Kimba Ragmona*PL
kocięta niedostępne / not available



Litter "T" dob. 22.08.2023

parents: Raven Lazur Eyes *PL and Kimba Ragmona*PL PG free lines

If you are interested in one of our kittens please fill out "interest form", we have a waiting list for our kittens. 


Price for a neutred cat is approx. 1000 EURO (including passport, rabies, transport docs from Veterinary Inspectorate, kittens are min.  2x vaccinated and 3x dewormed. We give health certificate from our vet.  Price for a cat with breeding rights upon request, please ask 

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